Circling 8/10 - The future of Australian metal
— John Turnbull - Independent Australia
The album stands stoically with the finished product being something which tears down the walls of almost every modern stereotype you can think of. Would I recommend Purge to anybody? You bet your ass I would.
— Metal Obsession

We are toxicon


Toxicon is a fairly good looking collective of musicians from Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat, and goes together well with a charming plate of cheese and a glass of red wine. Combining various elements of Groove, Speed and Prog, Toxicon provides a sure fire way to give you whiplash without even realising it.

Fronting the band is Wayne Claris, who pulls out all the stops on stage to make you stand up and shout, or throw barbed objects at him. Either way he’s proved that screaming, sweating, flaming mangina-ing, and generally being a crazy MOFO can work in a band’s favour.

Behind Wayne’s antics is the rest of the band. On the Guitars, we have the demonic duo of Paul Jones and Adam Esposti. These guys fill each other out like a fat, hairy jigsaw puzzle, and bounce off each other to create groovy guitar parts of doom. Paul’s glowing locks will make all the Pantene girls jealous, whilst Adam’s perfect facial hair will bring the boys to the yard from near and far. They are truly a partnership to be reckoned with, or at least, to be jealous of.

Behind every good band is a lacklustre Bass player, and Toxicon has searched the state for just the perfect candidate. Jacob Maloney is by far the worst person you will ever meet. His ridiculous skill is enough to make you want to set his beard on fire, and his performance precision is that accurate you’d swear he’s overcompensating for something.

Significantly less useless is drummer Tom Nunan. Having been in bands since the beginning of time, the only thing Nunan can’t excel at now is growing a beard. Putting this significant character flaw aside, you can’t deny this bloke is a gun, and is almost as solid as Meg White behind the kit. Too bad he lives in Ballarat.

Together these guys try their very best to be musicians, and share in a “falling with style” mentality. Their live show is definitely worth seeing, as it’s not every day you get a chance to witness a dribbling group of weirdos putting on the best show of their life, every night. Toxicon put the toxic in your contingency and the iconic in your inventory! If you’ve got an ass, we’ll kick it!





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